Bolier’s strength lies in its (practical) knowledge and knowhow of MaK engines and products. Qualified service engineers carry out maintenance and repair work all over the world. Bolier carries out repairs and maintenance for MaK engines, Napier and KBB turbines and Berg Propulsion installations. Ships can moor at the quay; propeller repairs can be carried out in one of the three stem-stern docks.


Easy docking at Bolier’s workshop

Bolier is located in Dordrecht by the water, with a quay of 140 meters long, making it easy for vessels to dock. The neighbouring workshop is fully equipped to carry out overhauls, revisions and repairs. Besides that, direct access to our extensive stock of new and used parts, ensures efficient work. This way costs and the downtime of your vessel are minimized. Klik here for more information about our new and used parts.


MaK services

As the official MaK dealer, Bolier is specialised in the maintenance of MaK engines. With their knowledge and expertise, our engineers offer the most reliable service in the field of maintenance. 

We carry out maintenance for all types of MaK engines, both the current as older generations. Think of the M 20, M 25, M 282, M 32, M 332, M 43, M 453, M 46 DF, M 551, M 552 and M 601. 

You can go to Bolier for repairs, maintenance and overhauling activities, but also for TA engine inspections and service contracts. For more information about our MaK services, click here.


Napier and KBB turbine service

Bolier is an authorized maintenance and service centre of Napier Turbochargers and also carries out repairs on KBB turbines. All maintenance and repair activities for Napier & KBB are carried out in our workshop by experts in accordance with factory specifications. For these turbines we have a large stock of parts, in order for your Napier and KBB turbine to be revised and repaired as fast as possible. Our engineers work efficiently in order to minimize your costs.  


For Napier and KBB, Bolier carries out maintenance, overhauls and repairs. On top of that we have a wide product range of exchange turbines. Click here for more information.


Berg Propulsion Service

Bolier is an official partner of Berg Propulsion and carries out service and repairs for these installations. 


Berg Propulsion has an interesting history which starts in 1912. In 1929 the first propeller was delivered. Berg Propulsion was acquired by Caterpillar in 2013, which changed the name into Cat Propulsion. In 2020, Cat Propulsion was acquired back and the name was changed back to Berg Propulsion. Bolier has Berg Propulsion parts and offers Berg Propulsion service since April 1st 2017. Through our years of experience, we have extensive knowledge, knowhow and expertise in the field on marine engines and accompanying propellers. Our qualified engineers offer you:

  • Berg Propulsion parts and service. 
  • Optimal uptime of your Berg Propulsion installation. 
  • Fast Berg Propulsion parts delivery all over the world. 

For more information about our Berg Propulsion services, click here.


More info?
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