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official partner of Berg Propulsion

Bolier has been an official partner of Berg Propulsion since 2017. You can contact us for Berg Propulsion parts and for maintenance and repair.

This also includes installations under the Caterpillar Propulsion name

We not only provide service and spare parts for all propulsion systems from Berg Propulsion, such as the MPP (fixed pitch and controlled pitch), MTA, MTT, Twin Fin, Tug Package and MPC 800, but also for the systems installed under the Caterpillar Propulsion name.

All Berg Propulsion parts are available at Bolier

Truly all Berg Propulsion parts are available from us. From propeller blades, gears and shaft seals to gasket sets and associated O-rings.

We deliver these parts anywhere in the world and as quickly as possible, from stock at the factory in Sweden. This way, we reduce the downtime for your ship and the maintenance costs.

Do you want to know more, have questions or would like to receive a quote?

Please email [email protected] or call us: + 31(0) 78 616 4111


On the website of our sister company Pon Power, you will find a large selection of Berg Propulsion products.


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