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By using original MaK parts and having them properly installed, you can be sure that your marine engine will continue to perform optimally and meets environmental requirements.

If you want to carry out certain maintenance yourself, on board or at the dock, we will send the necessary parts to you quickly. Or you can call in our skilled mechanics. They work at our workshop in Dordrecht and on site worldwide.

Do you want to know more, have questions or would like to receive a quote? Please email [email protected] or call us: + 31(0) 78 616 4111

We supply parts for all MaK marine engines, including:

  • current generation motors M 20, M 25, M 32, M 34 DF, M 43 and M 46 DF
  • previous generations M 282, M 332, M 453, M 551, M 552 and M 60

New MaK parts for major maintenance

Our new parts inventory is extensive and includes cylinder heads, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, piston crowns, bearings, main bearings, connecting rods and gasket sets and the O-rings needed for them. Due to our many years of experience, we have ample knowledge of all necessary components. Of course, all components are certified as required and comply with maritime industry regulations, IMO Compliance.

Used MaK parts are an economical alternative. We also have a large stock of those. You may also like to make use of our MaK parts exchange programme. In the case of maintenance of repair, marine engine components that need an overhaul enter our pool of exchange parts and are immediately replaced by previously overhauled components from our stock.

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New MaK parts for minor maintenance

To perform minor marine engine maintenance, you often need parts. For instance, filter elements, filter cartridges, gaskets and O-rings. We almost always have these parts in stock, so we can ship them to you within 24 hours, worldwide.

Filter elements and filter cartridges

MaK has its own range of filter elements which combine two important things: high quality at an attractive price.

The MaK filter candles are delivered in a specially designed packaging and can be ordered per set or individually. In addition, you can return the filter cartridges to Bolier for professional cleaning.

Ordering MaK parts online

You can easily and quickly order new MaK parts through our Engenius service portal and have 24/7 insight into all service projects and documents of your MaK engine(s). You can also find the prices and delivery times of MaK parts, filter by what you have ordered previously and create your own order lists.


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