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Service contracts

Tailor-made service contracts

Proper and timely maintenance of your marine engines is critical to their performance and longevity. That’s exactly why we offer customised service contracts.

We take the time to draw up a service contract that is perfectly suited to your situation. In consultation with you, we determine where your needs lie and what the duration will be. Customers often choose a service contract of at least two years.

3 service contract levels

Below is an overview of the 3 service contract levels you can choose from for marine engines (including MaK), Napier and KBB turbines and/or Berg Propulsion systems. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Level 1

With a level 1 service contract:

  • you get service on demand
  • you can take advantage of our large stock of MaK parts, the exchange programme and workshop/field services
  • we make a long-term pricing agreement to speed up operational handling

In addition, you’ll have access to our Engenius online platform. The ultimate online place where you have 24/7 access to all service documents of your MaK marine engine(s) and where you can easily and quickly order MaK parts.

Level 2

Would you like to reduce the chance of unforeseen costs and get a better handle on risks? Then the level 2 service contract is for you. In addition to the services from level 1, this agreement includes additional services that help you achieve your goals in terms of prevention, maintenance and efficiency. For example:

  • performing periodic fluid analysis (oil, cooling water)
  • periodically inspecting the ship’s engine, after which you will be advised on preventive maintenance
  • using engine connect, which allows you to watch remotely
  • periodic training of your ship’s personnel in our MaK training centre

You determine which services are included in this agreement. Of course, we think along with you and give well-founded advice on which services best suit your situation.

Level 3

If you want to be completely unburdened, pay based on the output of the ship’s engine and share any risks with Bolier, you can enter into a level 3, or running hours agreement.

The principle is simple: you pay a fixed amount per hour of operation of your engine. In return, we perform all the maintenance on the ship’s engine(s) that is required. You could call it an insurance for a well-running engine. The risk of unforeseen defects in the engine is thus partly purchased and shared with us.
In addition, this level 3 agreement includes:

  • The services from the level 1 agreement
  • All the more comprehensive services from the level 2 agreement


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