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TA Inspection


To properly do your job on the water day in and day out, you depend on a properly functioning marine engine. To keep that engine in top condition, preventive maintenance is essential. But how do you know exactly when which maintenance is needed?

The one-day Technical Analysis (TA) engine inspection answers that question. After this inspection, you’ll know exactly what the condition of your ship’s engine is. You’ll also receive recommendations on how Bolier can preventively maintain the engine to reduce any risks and improve engine performance.

TA engine inspection work

The TA engine inspection is performed by our experienced and qualified mechanics and consists of the following work:

  • ship engine inspection on board, including inspection of crankshaft and separators
  • testing alarms and checking alarm settings
  • analyses of planned maintenance and actual operating hours
  • endoscopic inspection and if necessary opening of 1 cylinder
  • checking the flexible clutch, engine suspension (no alignment check) and exhaust lining; this check is completed with a test run

After performing the inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive report from us. Does this show that any parts need to be replaced? If so, we can install them for you quickly, thanks to our large stock of parts.

TA inspection benefits

What are the benefits of having us perform an annual one-day TA engine inspection on your marine engine?

  • greater reliability and longer life
  • insight into the condition of the engine and therefore less chance of unplanned maintenance
  • if necessary or desired, our mechanic can intervene directly or perform minor repairs
  • you will receive recommendations for improving engine performance


Would you like to know more about this inspection? Then download our TA engine inspection brochure and/or get in touch with your Bolier contact person or email [email protected]


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