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Who we are

At Bolier you work in a social environment with energetic, passionate colleagues. We are part of the well-known family business Pon, one of the largest trading and service organisations in the Netherlands. Together we ensure that we deliver the best quality in a safe way, worldwide. We take care of it, together, for our customers.

Current vacancies & open applications

If you are interested in working at Bolier, please have a look at our current job postings. We are always interested in well-qualified and motivated employees. Didn’t find the job you were looking for? It is always possible to send us an open application

Our ambiance

Bolier motor revisie
Bolier pand binnen
Bolier onderdeel revisie
Bolier engines
Bolier voordelen ruilprogramma
Bolier werkplaats gereedschap

Proud team

We are proud of Bolier, a no-nonsense company with passionate people working with the best products from MaK, Napier and Berg Propulsion.

Social Work Environment

A great work environment is more than just a pleasant workplace and a nice office, equipment that works well, good safety precautions and a beautiful location. It’s mainly the people who make the difference: good colleagues and nice customers.

Being there for our customers 24/7

We are ready to serve our customers 24/7. We make every effort to ensure that their ships do not remain idle any longer than strictly necessary, wherever they are in the world.

Keep developing yourself

Bolier offers you a challenging work environment – no two days are the same. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement and training. This is how you keep developing yourself continuously.

Open application

We are always interested in well-qualified and motivated employees. Interested? Send an open application.

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