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Exchange programme

MaK parts exchange programme

Our MaK parts exchange programme means that, in the event of maintenance or repair, marine engine components that need overhauling go into our exchange pool and are immediately replaced with previously overhauled components from our stock. This way, you have access to our wide range of used and remanufactured MaK parts, which gives you independence from local workshops. Moreover, you can rest assured that every part has been overhauled in accordance with MaK standards and replaced correctly.

The exchange programme enables faster work

The great advantage of our exchange programme is time savings. This is because we can work faster if we do not have to overhaul components that come off your marine engine first, but can immediately replace them with the same components from our stock that have already been overhauled.

We combine this service with our logistical preparation, which means you can always make use of it, no matter where you are in the world.

Our stock of MaK exchange parts

Our stock of MaK exchange parts includes:

  • fuel pumps
  • cylinder heads
  • air coolers
  • Napier and KBB turbine cartridges
  • regulators from Europe and Woodward
  • atomizers
  • flame rings and valve bodies for the MaK 552 and 601 engines
  • piston crowns

Of course, this stock is subject to change. So feel free to contact us free of commitment to ascertain which MaK exchange parts are currently available.

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