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Maintenance & Overhaul

Maintenance, repair and overhaul of marine engines

Shipping companies and ship owners from around the world rely on Bolier every day because of our knowledge and expertise in the field of marine engines. We maintain and repair MaK marine engines, Napier & KBB turbines and Berg Propulsion units.

You can easily dock at our facilities in Dordrecht. At our quayside workshop, our skilled mechanics carry out repairs, maintenance and complete overhauls quickly and effectively. They have all the expertise required and are able to draw from our extensive stock of new and used parts. This way, we limit both expenses and your ship’s downtime to what is strictly necessary.

Are you unable to dock at our facilities? Then let us simply come to you to carry out the necessary maintenance, or for an (emergency) repair.

The Bolier Guarantees

24/7 availability

We are truly there for you 24/7, wherever you are.

All expertise in-house

We have all the specialist knowledge in house regarding MaK marine engines, Napier & KBB turbines and Berg Propulsion systems.

Fixed prices for workshop services

We have fixed prices for the most common overhaul and maintenance work on MaK marine engines in our workshop.

6 months warranty

You can rest assured that our mechanics always carry out maintenance, repairs and overhauls in accordance with the factory specifications. We therefore provide a 6-month guarantee on all our service work.

Service reports accessible 24/7

We always produce service reports after work has been carried out. These comprehensive reports are accessible 24/7 and can be downloaded via our Engenius service portal.


Bolier provides custom services. We always look at the current condition of the ship’s engine components, so that only the necessary maintenance is carried out. This saves costs and reduces downtime. We also offer tailor-made service contracts.

At the quay or on site

Bolier is located in Dordrecht, at the 2nd Merwedehaven (Harbour number D563). Near the old centre of Dordrecht, a stone’s throw from Rotterdam, the Beneden Merwede, the Noord and the Oude Maas rivers come together. This so-called three-river point is the most-trafficked water junction in Europe. The quay at our workshop (the largest specialised MaK workshop in North-West Europe) is a generous 140 metres long. If you dock with us in Dordrecht:

  • no travel and transport costs need to be charged
  • you have access to our large stock of new and used parts
  • you can easily receive other suppliers

Of course, it isn’t always possible to dock with us, so we can also just come to you. Wherever you are in the world, you can count on us. We take care of it!

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