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Napier and KBB

Bolier is an authorised maintenance and service center of Napier Turbochargers and also performs maintenance & repair of KBB turbines. All maintenance and repair work is performed in accordance with factory specifications.

Our experienced mechanics have all the knowledge and skills in house in the field of marine engines and all types of Napier & KBB turbochargers and have a large stock of OEM parts. We provide parts and service for all Napier Turbochargers, including:

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We provide parts and service for all Napier Turbochargers, including:

  • NA297
  • NA307
  • NA357
  • NA397
  • NA298
  • NA358
  • NA398
  • NA498
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We also carry the most important Napier parts, such as:

  • bearings
  • bearing sets
  • nozzle rings
  • gasket sets
  • repair sets/repair kits

We also have a large inventory of used and remanufactured parts for all types of Napier and KBB turbochargers. This allows us to change the cartridge on board within one working day. It’s also possible to have the propulsion cartridge replaced separately.


We also have Napier turbochargers in our stock that can be used as an exchange part. Our mechanics can immediately replace the turbocharger of your marine engine with a reconditioned one. The great advantage of this is that we reduce the overhaul time, allowing you to resume uptime for your ship sooner.


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