Napier Parts

Bolier aims to offer the most integrated and complete solutions for your marine engine. This is why Bolier is an authorized maintenance and service centre of Napier Turbochargers. You can go to Bolier for all types of Napier turbines. Bolier’s specialized mechanics provide maintenance for your turbines and also carry out repairs. Through their years of experience, they feature knowledge and skills making our service that of the highest quality. All maintenance and repair activities for Napier are performed in Bolier’s workshop by specialized mechanics in accordance with factory specifications. Bolier has a large stockpile of parts for Napier turbines, so it can overhaul or repair your turbine in the shortest time possible. 


Napier is the world leader in the design and production of turbochargers. They have more than 60 years of experience and have produced more than 50.000 turbo’s. Napier’s goal is to get the most out of your engine. 


Bolier offers parts and services for all Napier Turbochargers, for instance the NA297, NA307, NA357, NA397, NA298, NA358, NA398 and NA498. Bolier has various Napier parts in their product range, such as gasket sets, repair kits, bearings, bearing sets and nozzle rings. Besides that, for all types of Napier turbines, Bolier features cartridges. This way we can replace your cartridge on-board within one working day. 

Napier exchange parts

Bolier also has turbines which are suited as exchange parts. Bolier’s mechanics feature extensive knowledge and expertise to replace your turbine directly with a revised one from our product range. This way the overhaul time is minimised and your engine can restart quickly. For more information about this service, click here.

Napier services

As official service point, Bolier offers multiple services in the field of maintenance and repairs for Napier turbines. All activities are performed according to workshop specifications and are performed by specialists. Click here for an extensive overview of Bolier’s services.


KBB services

When your MaK engine is provided with a KBB turbine, Bolier will also perform maintenance for the turbine. Besides that, Bolier delivers KBB parts. Click here for an extensive overview of our services.