MaK Services

As the official MaK dealer in the Benelux, Bolier carries out reliable services for MaK engines. Bolier has experience since 1949 and features all necessary knowledge and expertise. Bolier’s qualified engineers ensure a reliable and efficient execution of the maintenance of your MaK engine. With her knowledge and technical knowhow of the MaK engine, Bolier’s service offers you certainty for the continuation of your activities. 

Bolier offers service and maintenance for the current and previous generation MaK engines. Think of  M 20, M 25, M 282, M 32, M 332, M 43, M 453, M 46 DF, M 551, M 552 and M 601. For more information about MaK parts, click here.

Bolier offers the following MaK services:


Maintenance and overhaul

Bolier carries out maintenance and revision for all MaK engines. Our engineers always work in accordance with factory specifications; this way we can offer you certainty and quality. Bolier offers you a customized solution on both the technical and financial aspects. 


Exchange parts 

In order to help you as soon as possible, Bolier offers the possibility to make use of MaK parts from the exchange programme. Bolier has diverse revised parts in stock which can be exchanged from the part from your ship in case of maintenance. This way you can set sail immediately and you don’t have to wait for the revision of your own parts. A fast and cost effective solution for carrying out maintenance of your MaK engine. 


MaK Service contracts 

Bolier offers customized framework solutions, ranging from the delivery of parts to preemptive maintenance of your engine. 


TA engine inspection

The technical analysis engine inspection, gives you insights in the state of your engine. Besides that, our qualified engineers will recommend you about the maintenance of your engine and about how to decrease risks. 


Bolier is the official MaK dealer in the Benelux. Bolier’s power is its (practical) knowledge in the field of maintenance and marine engines. Qualified service engineers carry out maintenance and repair work all over the world. With experience since 1949, Bolier’s power is its (practical) knowledge in the field of maintenance and marine engines. The neighbouring workshop is fully equipped to carry out MaK overhauls, MaK revisions and MaK repairs. The extensive stock of new and used MaK parts ensure efficient service, maintenance and repairs, in order for your costs to stay as low as possible.


Bolier in the Harbour

The workshop is located at 2e Merwedehaven in Dordrecht with a quay of 140 meters long. The quay neighbours Bolier’s workshop meaning that we have constant access to our extensive stock of parts. Docking at Bolier ensures that all activities can be carried out easily and quickly. Additionally, this is financially attractive because it leads to lower costs due to the lack of transport costs and travel expenses. Obviously Bolier’s engineers will come to you on location whenever this is preferred.