The EMD E 23B: IMO III certified with only minimal changes

The E 23 has met the challenges of increasingly stringent global emissions standards through continuous optimization of its proven design. With only minor engine changes, and avoiding high cost technologies such as common rail fuel injection, the E 23B uses mature SCR technology to meet US EPA Tier 4F and IMO III, enabling maximum confidence and minimum risk in your daily operations.

The integrated Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system..

..reduces NOx in a compact space.
..allows the engine to operate at maximum thermal efficiency for fuel consumption improvements up to 7%.
..does not significantly affect design or operation of the engine.
..enables complete maintenance of the SCR within the engine room.
..Minimizes vessel engineering and construction costs.
..avoids use of complex and high maintenance on-engine technologies such as EGR and common rail fuel injection.

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