Technical Analysis Engine Inspection

As the official MaK dealer of the Benelux, Bolier understands that you need security for your engine. Security about always being able to carry out your activities. Like no other, Bolier knows that a well maintained MaK engine contributes to this security. That’s why Bolier offers its one day TA (Technical Analysis) inspection.

This inspection does not only give you insight in the state of your engine, but also gives advice. Advice on how Bolier can maintain your engine to decrease the risk on future issues and on how you can improve your engine performance. 

Bolier has had experience since 1949. This way Bolier features the expertise and knowhow needed to execute this analysis in a trustworthy way. 

We have put all information about the TA inspection in a clear brochure. Download the brochure here


The technical analysis consists of:

The one-day TA engine inspection is executed by Bolier’s qualified engineers and includes the following activities:

  • MaK engine inspection on board, including the inspection of the crankshaft and separators
  • Testing of the alarms and reviewing the alarm settings. 
  • Analyses of planned maintenance and actual operating hours
  • Endoscopic inspection and, if necessary, opening 1 cylinder
  • Check of the flexible clutch, engine suspension (no alignment check) and exhaust trim. This is completed with a test run. 

After the inspection, we share an extensive report with you. Bolier also features MaK parts which we can install for you. For more information about MaK parts, click here


The benefits of the Technical Analysis engine inspection

  • Increased engine reliability
  • Insight in the state of your engine
  • Decreased risk for unplanned maintenance
  • If needed, our engineer can directly intervene and/or execute small repairs.
  • Recommendations for increased engine performance
  • Longer lifespan for the engine.


Are you looking for security?

Contact your Bolier contact or contact Bolier through to plan your inspection or to receive more information about the TA engine inspection.