TA engine inspection

You need to be certain. Certain to continue your operations at all times. As no other, we know that a well and preventively maintained MaK engine contributes to this certainty. Therefore, we offer our 1-day TA (Technical Analysis) engine inspection.

The inspection not only gives you insight into the condition of your engine, it also provides you with recommendations on how to maintain your engine to reduce the risk of unplanned events and on how to improve your engine performance.

We have summarized all information in a leaflet. Download the leaflet here.

The inspection

The Bolier (1-day) TA engine inspection consists of the following elements:

  • Onboard MaK engine inspection including inspection crankshaft and purifiers
  • Testing the alarms and checking the alarm-setpoints
  • Analyses of planned maintenance and true operating hours
  • Endoscopic inspection and – if needed – opening 1 cylinder unit
  • Checking the flexible coupling, engine suspension (no alignment check) and exhaust cladding, concluded with a test run

After executing the inspection, a comprehensive report will be shared with you.

The advantages

  • Increased engine reliability
  • Insight in condition of the engine
  • Lower risk of unplanned events
  • If needed or desired, our engineer can immediately intervene or perform small fixes
  • Recommendations for performance improvement
  • Increased engine lifetime

Are you looking for certainty?
Get in touch with your Bolier contact person or through support@bolier.nl to schedule your inspection or to receive more information about the engine inspection.