Docks for propeller & shaft repair

Bolier has three stem stern docks, where the following work can be carried out:

Propeller repair
We repair all types of propeller with a diameter of up to 2.30 metres. Exchange of propellers can be done within one day.

Propeller shaft repair
We can true up and/or replace propeller shafts with bearing rings up to a shaft length of 8 metres under any classification (such as BV, GL and Lloyd’s).

Propeller shaft seal repairs
Available for any make for oil and water lubrication. Bolier uses Simplex Simplan, which ensures a long service life for water lubricated propeller shafts. This means that repairs can be carried out without putting the ship in a dry dock.

Repairs to rudder and/or steering mechanism
Replacement of rudders, rudder stocks, bearing rings, or repairs on location.

Small-scale welding below the waterline.

Tug assistance
Tug assistance is available when recovery is required while en route.

Dock specifications

Dock Number Navigable depth Width Hoisting capacity
Dock 1 2.50 m 15.40 m 475 t
Dock 2 2.50 m 18.00 m 700 t
Dock 3 2.50 m 11.80 m 350 t