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‘Good service and reliable engines’

Abis Belfast

Abis Belfast

Shipbuilding services
In 2007, Shipkits took over the section building activities of the German company OAG (Ostsee Ausrüstungsgesellschaft). In a very short time, Shipkits has developed from a plain section builder into a key facilitator for shipbuilding services. The company delivers complete turnkey projects. Their service includes not only the section building and the building of complete ships, but also designing and constructing complex vessel types in 3D, overall project management / logistics, including the commissioning of the installation thereof. They can also provide support with the necessary financial arrangements. Due to their all-round expertise and practical knowledge, Shipkits can build any type of ship and manage and administer the entire project in-house. From pushers to fully equipped dry cargo ships, special-purpose ships and tankers.

70% of the ships are equipped with MaK engines
Since July 2007, Mr Kleiverda has been Managing Director of Shipkits. His passion lies in shipbuilding; in 1972, after finishing school, he started working at a shipyard and never abandoned this industry. He has gone through the entire process – from apprentice to his current position at Shipkits – and knows the many ins and outs of shipbuildingMr Kleiverda first came into contact with Bolier when he was working for Damen, Hoogezand. “In 1996, I first purchased MaK engines from Machinefabriek Bolier in Dordrecht. It was a pleasant collaboration, and that is when my relationship with Bolier started.” Over 70% of the vessels delivered by Shipkits have MaK engines. “These marine diesel engines are robust and reliable. The value for money is good and that is an important aspect, especially in these times. Not only the reliability of the engines is a reason for me to do business with Bolier, their service is also great,” says Mr Kleiverda. “Bolier can pride themselves on decades of expertise and practical know-how, and this makes them a pleasant business partner. They know what they are talking about.” Mr Kleiverda emphasises that the customer has the ultimate say in the selection of the engine. “MaK engines come with a warranty period of one year. We take this guarantee on to our customers, however, we will continue to handle their everyday business. In the first year, we will handle the follow-up of the guarantee for the customer. Since service tops the priority list at Bolier, Mr Kleiverda notices that customers are generally satisfied with the follow-up and aftercare of Bolier.

Shift in the niche market
Lately, he notices a shift in the shipbuilding industry. “The niche market for dry cargo is changing and for Shipkits this means it shifts to a higher qualified niche market. Until recently, our success factor was building dry cargo ships, now we focus more on special-purpose ships. Ships that are used in the construction of wind farms, cable laying, the laying of fibre-optic cables worldwide and research vessels. He sees opportunities in current times as well as for the future. “We want to learn from the circumstances and are willing to adapt to the new era,” said Mr Kleiverda. “That is also true for Bolier in some ways. There is a tendency towards clean engines and a different type of propulsion in many types of ships, such as diesel-electric or dual fuel. Environmental requirements (IMOIII) play an increasingly important role. Bolier, meaning MaK, must go along with this, or they will literally miss the boat.” He is curious about the news and the development of cleaner and low (fuel) consumption engines by Bolier in that area.

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