New MaK Parts

Bolier offers you assurance and security for the optimal performance of your engine with new and original MaK parts. With these parts the engine continues to meet the environmental requirements and the fuel consumption remains optimal. You can perform daily maintenance on your engine yourself, and Bolier will supply the parts. Besides that, Bolier’s qualified service mechanics can help you on location, worldwide. For more information about Bolier’s services, click here

The MaK engines consist of main propulsion engines from 1.020 kW to 16.800 kW and generator sets from 979kWe to 16.111 kWe. Our catalog consists of parts for all engines. Think of the current engine generation M 20, M 25, M 32, M 34 DF, M 43 and M 46 DF, but also, among others, the previous generation of MaK engines, such as types M 282, M 332, M 453, M 551, M 552 and M 601.


MaK parts for major maintenance

Bolier features a diverse and extensive stock of marine engine parts. Think of, cylinder heads, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, piston crowns, bearings, main bearings, connecting rods, gasket sets and O-rings. If necessary, all parts are certified and all parts always meet the regulations of the maritime field (IMO compliance).


MaK parts for minor maintenance

For daily engine maintenance, one often needs parts. Think of filter elements, filter candles, O-rings and gaskets. Bolier almost always has these parts in stock, meaning we can send them within 24 hours worldwide. 


MaK features its own product range of filter elements. These various products offer the best of both worlds; high quality for an attractive price.

MaK onderdelen

MaK filtration candles

The MaK filter candles are delivered in uniquely developed packaging and can be ordered per set or per unit. Besides that, the filter candles can be returned to Bolier for professional cleaning.


Order MaK parts online through Engenius

Do you want to order your parts directly, whenever it suits you? That’s possible through Engenius! Engenius is Bolier’s online platform where you can order your MaK parts easily and quickly, and where you have 24/7 access to all of your service documents of your MaK engines. Click here for more information. 


Of course you can also request a quotation by sending an email to spares@bolier or by calling +31(0) 786164111.