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Bolier is the official dealer of MaK marine engines & generators in the Benelux. Bolier features the biggest stock of new, revised and used original MaK parts in Europe. By using these original MaK parts the reliability and performance of your MaK engine is being optimized. The MaK engine differentiates itself through high reliability, low usage costs and long service life. Bolier features a big stockpile, and as a result 95% of the regular parts can be shipped worldwide within 24 hours after the order comes through. Bolier has experience since 1949 and features knowledge and expertise in the field of engines, parts, generators and services for your ship. Bolier delivers parts for MaK propulsion engines which measure up to the IMO Compliance.


MaK Propulsion engines and generators

MaK diesel engines are medium-speed diesel engines with power varying between 1.020 kW to 16.800 kW. The diesel engines can be used for multiple applications: as a propulsion engine on, for example dry cargo ships, tankers and container feeders, in a diesel electric function on for instance offshore support ships and cruise ships, but also as a generator on (big) ships or in land-based power plants. Naturally Bolier delivers parts for both MaK propulsion engines and generator sets. 


New and used MaK parts

As a result of Bolier’s decades of experience as an official MaK representative, we know how important it is to carry out maintenance and replacements on your diesel engine efficiently. Bolier’s catalog consists of both new and used parts, such as cylinder heads, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, piston crowns, bearings, main bearings, connecting rods and cooling water pumps, but also gasket sets and O-rings. Besides that, Bolier offers MaK filter candles, filter cartridges and multi-mantle strainers at an attractive price. With our knowledge and expertise we will find the best solution for your MaK engine. Fast and efficient and with the Bolier quality and service you are accustomed to.


Within 24 hours response on quote requests for MaK parts

As soon as you submit your request for quotation at Bolier, you will receive a response within 24 hours. Additionally, 95% of the regular parts/components will be shipped within 24 hours worldwide. This way you can efficiently perform engine maintenance yourself. Of course you can also use the service of Bolier’s experienced and reliable mechanics.


Bolier is 24/7 available for urgent matters

Bolier’s service desk is 24/7 available for urgent matters by phone:  +31(0) 78 616 4111


Ordering MaK parts online through Engenius

Do you want to order your parts directly, whenever it suits you? That’s possible through Engenius! Engenius is Bolier’s online platform where you can order your MaK parts easily and quickly, and where you have 24/7 access to all of your service documents of your MaK engines. Click here for more information.


About the MaK parts

The MaK product line includes diesel, gas and dual fuel engines which are used in a wide variety of marine applications and land installations. The MaK products include main propulsion engines from 1.020 kW to 16.800 kW and generator sets from 979 kWe to 16.111 kWe. The MaK engines make use of smart technologies and developments that contribute to the optimal performance of your engine. Every engine is unique. That is why we have more than 3500 parts in stock, to be able to deliver your parts as soon as possible.

Why shop MaK parts at Bolier?

  • Bolier is the official supplier of MaK parts in the Benelux.
  • Bolier offers quality, expertise and service through our years of experience with MaK engines. 
  • Bolier delivers MaK parts for propulsion engines which 100% meet the IMO Compliance.
  • 95% of the ordinary parts are directly available.
  • For urgent matters Bolier offers a 24/7 emergency service. 
  • Constant view on prices and delivery times through Engenius.
  • Do you prefer a quotation? You will receive a response on your request within 24 hours.
  • Bolier has great knowledge and expertise through years of experience as the official MaK dealer (since 1949).



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