Berg Propulsion Parts

Bolier aims to offer the most integrated and complete solutions for your marine engine. That is why Bolier is a partner of Berg Propulsion. Berg Propulsion delivers parts and services for your Berg Propulsion installation. Bolier delivers as fast as possible worldwide, so that it can always contribute to the optimal functioning of your installation. Additionally, Bolier’s team of specialists helps you in case your installation needs maintenance or repair. Bolier provides Berg Propulsion installations with repairs, overhauls, docking assistance, retrofits, optimizations and commissionings for the entire Pon Power group. Through Bolier’s years of experience in the maritime industry, Bolier offers expertise and reliability in the field of service of Berg Propulsion parts.


From Berg to CAT Propulsion and back

In 1912 Berg Propulsion started with a shipyard on the Swedish Island Hälsö, just outside of Gothenburg. From there, the first Berg Propulsion Propeller was delivered in 1929. In 1970 Berg Propulsion presented the first tunnel thruster and almost 40 years later, in 2009, the azimuth thruster. Berg Propulsion was acquired by Caterpillar in 2013, which changed the name to Caterpillar Propulsion, better known as Cat Propulsion. Bolier has been an official partner for delivering service and parts of Cat Propulsion since April 1st 2017. In 2020 Cat Propulsion was acquired by Gula Skrinet AB and with that the name changed back to Berg Propulsion.


Berg Propulsion Parts

Bolier offers parts for all installations from Berg Propulsion, including the installations that are still under the name Caterpillar Propulsion. For instance, MPP (fixed pitch and controlled pitch), MTA, MTT, Twin Fin, Tug Package and MPC 800. Bolier features the complete product range of parts, such as propeller blades, gear wheels, gasket sets, seals and O-rings. Bolier delivers the parts as soon as possible all around the world.


Berg Propulsion Maintenance and Service

Bolier’s specialized Berg Propulsion mechanics provide repairs, overhauls, docking assistance, commissioning, retrofits, optimizations and installations. Propellers are optimized in an efficient way and as a result your ship’s downtime is minimized. For an extensive overview of Bolier’s Berg Propulsion service, click here.


Berg Propulsion Worldwide

Bolier delivers the Berg Propulsion parts as soon as possible from stock in Sweden all around the world. This way your downtime is minimized and your maintenance costs are reduced as much as possible.


Berg Propulsion Products

Do you want more information about BERG Propulsion products? Click here to visit the website of our sister company Pon Power Netherlands which offers a broad supply of Berg Propulsion products.