From now on: extensive interpretation of MaK liquid samples

Preventive maintenance is essential for the perseverance and endurance of your MaK engine. Liquids often offer an accurate indication about any wear and tear of components and are thus a great help. Consequently, at Bolier we now provide an extensive interpretation of MaK liquid samples.

S·O·S service 

Our sister company Pon Power provides an S·O·S (Systematic Oil Sampling) service. In order to give advice about components, liquid samples are periodically being checked in the lab on the presence of any wear parts. For MaK, this service has now been extended. 

MaK analysis specification

Prior to this extension, solely a global picture about the condition of a MaK engine could be provided. After close consultation with Bolier employees Frans Juhrend and Ronald Klerks, an analysis specification has been drawn up that meets Bolier’s desires and requirements. Consequently, the lab is not only able to analyse MaK engines according to specifications, but the lab is also able to provide valuable recommendations using the well-known green, yellow, and red codes. A huge milestone!

The benefits

By collecting samples for a vast period of time, any abnormalities can be ascertained quickly. This way conclusions can be made and any necessary actions can be undertaken rapidly. This way you have constant insights in the state of your MaK engine and its fluids, and you can prevent unnecessary downtime. On top of that, a well maintained engine leads to optimal fuel consumption, optimal performance and a longer lifespan. 

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