MaK Maintenance & Overhaul

As the official MaK dealer of the Benelux, Bolier’s qualified engineers carry out service and maintenance on your MaK engine. Bolier has experience since 1949 and has the knowledge and expertise to carry out reliable maintenance. Bolier provides certainty.

Bolier’s qualified engineers feature technical knowhow of MaK engines and they carry out their activities as efficient and effective as possible. Innovative machines and a large stock of original MaK parts also contribute to this. We always judge the state of every component in order to determine which maintenance is really necessary. This way we keep your costs low, but do deliver the highest quality. 

Bolier offers maintenance and overhaul services of all important components of your MaK engine. For instance cylinder heads, fuel pumps, piston crowns, and turbines. For more information about MaK parts, click here

As you should be able to count on the quality of our work, we offer a warranty of 6 months on our service activities.


Fixed prices

Bolier uses fixed prices for the most common activities in maintenance and overhaul of your MaK engine. This way you will not run into any unexpected situations and you will always have insights on the costs. Besides that, Bolier’s engineers constantly ensure an efficient and reliable execution of maintenance and repairs. 


Maintenance and overhaul according to factory specifications

Bolier’s qualified engineers perform maintenance and overhauls according to factory specifications. This way we can always offer you quality and certainty. As you should be able to count on the quality of our work, we offer a warranty of 6 months on our service activities.


Service documents are 24/7 available

After the service activities are carried out, we always make fact based reports of our work. These service reports are 24/7 available and downloadable through Bolier’s online platform Engenius. For more information about Engenius you can click here


Customized solutions in the technical and financial field

Bolier’s engineers work efficiently and effectively. Only necessary maintenance is carried out as the current state of all MaK components is checked before carrying out maintenance. This ensures that your costs are reduced as much as possible. Besides that, Bolier offers customized solutions in both the technical and financial field.


In our workshop or on site with you all across the world

Bolier’s service engineers will come to you on site, anywhere in the world. Besides that, we offer you the opportunity to dock at our quay. The workshop is located at 2e Merwedehaven and has a quay of 140 meters long. The benefits of docking at our quay are:

  • The maintenance can be carried out with direct access to our great stock of spare parts. 
  • You save on travel expenses and transport costs. 
  • You have the opportunity to easily welcome other suppliers.