How we take care of it. Safely servicing MaK’s in challenging times.

At Bolier we roll up our sleeves, even in these challenging times. But can we just carry out MaK service work? And how do we deal with the limited space in an engine room? Frans Juhrend, technical director of Bolier, explains.

There are currently several ships on the Bolier quay for MaK service work. Is this “business as usual” maintenance work?
“We can carry out the service work on board these ships, but of course in an adapted way that guarantees the safety of our employees and other people on board.”

How do you ensure this safety?
“We have taken many measures, such as working in isolated shifts, applying the prescribed hygiene measures, extra cleaning of workplaces and tools, etc. Also, we closely monitor the situation and developments to see whether the measures are still sufficient. The safety of everyone on board is very important to us.”

Engine rooms are often relatively small spaces. How do you deal with this in relation to keeping safe distance?
“In consultation with the client we agree on how many people may be in the engine room at the same time. Engine rooms differ in size and other subcontractors and suppliers are often on board as well. Clear agreements are therefore necessary to ensure the safe distance between each other. We ask our employees to monitor the compliance of these agreements.”

How do you experience the current period yourself?
“The current circumstances are new and challenging for everyone. Together we make sure that we are available for the customer in a safe way. I notice that also in these circumstances team Bolier takes care of it. I’m proud of that.”