Exchange Service

Bolier offers you the possibility to make use of its great product range of MaK exchange parts from the exchange programme. This stock consists of used and overhauled MaK parts. You are not dependent on a local workshop as the exchange parts are overhauled by Bolier according to MaK norms.


Cost Effective solution

The exchange programme is a cost effective solution where the maintenance or repair can be carried out quickly. In case of maintenance, your parts from your MaK engine are directly replaced by readily overhauled parts from our stock. This way you can continue to sail right after the exchange of parts. This way Bolier offers you the security and quality that you need, and your uptime is maximized. The replaced components will be overhauled by Bolier and taken up in the exchange programme. Thanks to this particular service in combination with Bolier’s logistic preparations, everyone around the world can make use of our services. 


The stock of Bolier’s MaK exchange parts consists of (among other things):

  • Napier and KBB turbine cartridges
  • Europa and Woodward regulators
  • Fuel pumps
  • Injectors
  • Air coolers
  • Cylinder heads
  • Flame rings and valve casings for the MaK 552 and 601 engines
  • Piston crowns


Of course our stock is subject to change. You can contact Bolier at any time to ask about the available MaK exchange parts that are available at that moment.