Bolier is the official MaK dealer in the Benelux and therefore solely offers MaK engines. The MaK engine is delivered in combination with a KBB or Napier turbine. Next to that, we offer a package deal including the MaK engine, turbines and a Berg Propulsion installation.


Propulsion engines

Our product range of MaK engines are medium-speed marine engines with power varying between 1.020 kW to 16.800 kW. The engines can be applied in a wide range of marine vessels: dry cargo ships, tankers, container feeders, dredgers, offshore support ships, fishing ships, short sea ships,  ferries and cruise ships. Bolier also offers MaK Dual Fuel or LNG engines which make your ship ready for the future and any emission requirements. All MaK engines are suitable for propulsion and generating electricity, also known as generators.



Besides propulsion engines, MaK also has generators in its product range. These MaK generators can be used in ships but also in power plants to generate power. MaK’s generator sets have a long lifespan which ensure quality and certainty.

When choosing MaK, you select a reliable product of high quality. Bolier is known as a trustworthy and experienced partner.

Besides this, you can count on excellent service after your engine has been delivered. Bolier does not only supply (used) parts, but also carries out repairs and maintenance operations on your MaK engine. Bolier’s engineers have years of experience which makes their work efficient and reliable. This way your downtime is minimised as much as possible during maintenance and/or repair of your MaK engine.


Regulations focusing on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

MaK’s SCR system is developed to meet the future IMO-lll requirements. Installing and using the SCR system is a sustainable solution to decrease NOx emissions. With this, the MaK engines preserve their typical characteristics such as efficiency and trustworthiness. The MaK SCR system is a solution for decreasing NOx emissions and consists of SCR chamber, mixing tube, urea injection system and dosing cabinet.

What are the benefits of the SCR system?

  • One-stop IMO Tier lll solution.
  • Complete marine certification society solution
  • Common control and monitoring of engine and SCR System resulting in high user friendliness
  • Corresponding maintenance schedules of SCR System and engine


Regulations focusing on DF engines (Dual-Fuel)

Dual Fuel: this is an engine with a fuel system where natural gas or bio gas is added in a diesel engine. MaK’s Dual Fuel engines have the same power as the diesel engines, meaning they have the same load. As a result they can be used in the same familiar way for each application. The main difference? The DF engines are more sustainable and meet, without any additional systems, the highest IMO norms due to their decreased NOx and CO2 emissions.



Bolier also offers total packages for the complete propulsion system aboard: MaK engine(s) in combination with Cat generator sets and a Berg Propulsion installation. This way you are only involved with one party for the entire propulsion system and this way the scope can be aligned easily.


MaK maintenance

Are you not interested in a new engine, but do you want to carry out maintenance or have maintenance be carried out by Bolier? This is possible! You can dock in the harbour in Dordrecht, but our engineers can also come to you for all types of maintenance. Besides that you can order parts separately at Bolier after which you can perform maintenance on your engine yourself. Click here for more information about Bolier’s services.



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