Dual Fuel

Building on its marine engine legacy Caterpillar Motoren designed the M 46 DF for a variety of marine applications without sacrificing the typical MaK marine engine attributes like operational reliability and efficiency as well as serviceability. Designed to meet the stringent conditions of upcoming emission- and fuel sulfur regulation the M 46 DF will provide maximum flexibility for vessel operating in regulated and/or lesser regulated areas without significant changes to engine room or the exhaust gas system, maintaining installation and certification simplicity at the same time.

The low emission footprint paired with high efficiency and reliability make the  M 46 DF an ideal propulsion engine for operation, in- and outside of environmental protected areas as well as waters with HFO limitations. Upcoming IMO III emission regulations, selected operation profiles and diesel fuel costs make the M 46 DF a preferred engine regarding lowest cost of operation.

More information can be found on the product page.