Emission solutions

Low Emission Engine (LEE)
From as early as 2000, emission reduction has been an important pillar in MaK’s development strategy. This has been formalised in the Low Emission Engine (LEE). The technologies developed within this concept aim to optimise the combustion process, whereby the emission of NOx, CO2 and soot is drastically reduced.

Dual Fuel
MaK is also responding to the increased demand for running on LNG. In 2014 the first MaK Dual Fuel engine will be available: the M 46 DF. This engine can run on both gaseous and liquid fuels. It is also possible to convert the existing M 43 C into a Dual Fuel version.

The chemical tanker Fure West houses a MaK 7 M 43 C Low Emission Engine (LEE)homepage-slide