Berg Propulsion Service

Since 2017 Bolier has been responsible for the service and parts of Berg Propulsion. Berg Propulsion delivers propellers for marine engines.

Berg Propulsion has quite a history. They started in 1912 with a shipyard located on the Swedish island Hälsö, just outside of Gothenburg. From there the first Berg Propulsion Propeller was delivered in 1929. In 1970 Berg launched their first tunnel thruster, and almost 40 years later – in 2009 – the azimuth thruster was launched. Ever since, Berg Propulsion is constantly working to optimize their techniques. 


Berg Propulsion parts and service

As your partner for Berg Propulsion service and parts, Bolier aims to maintain the optimal performance of your installation. 


Bolier delivers the Berg Propulsion parts as soon as possible all over the world. Besides that, Bolier’s team of specialists helps you whenever your installation is in need of maintenance or repairs. Bolier performs repairs, overhauls, docking assistance, retrofits, optimizations and installations or the entire Pon Power group. 


Bolier takes care of the parts and service for all installations of Berg Propulsion. This includes (among others) MPP (Fixed pitch en controlled pitch), MTA, MTT, Twin Fin, Tug Package and MPC 800. For more information about the Berg Propulsion parts, click here


Bolier takes care of Berg Propulsion repairs, overhauls, docking assistance, retrofits, optimizations and installations. Examples are:

  • Repairing controllable pitch propellers, azimuth thrusters and bow thrusters on site.
  • Overhauling Berg Propulsion systems in our own workshops.
  • Assisting in ship docking for the maintenance of Berg Propulsion systems.
  • Replacing existing Berg Propulsion installations (due to ageing).
  • Optimizing existing Berg Propulsion systems to create fuel savings and higher efficiency, for example by innovative hydrodynamics.
  • Commissioning and retrofits of Berg Propulsion installations aboard of new-build vessels.


Reliable service

Berg Propulsion’s installations and Bolier’s service are as simple and reliable as possible in order to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. The propellor can be optimized in an efficient way, meaning the downtime of your vessel is minimized. Besides that, the Berg Propulsion systems facilitate a continuous monitoring of the moisture levels to protect the entire screw system. 


Berg Propulsion Products

Do you want more information about BERG Propulsion products? Click here to visit the website of our sister company Pon Power Netherlands which offers a broad supply of Berg Propulsion products.



Do you have a question or do you want more information about Bolier’s service offering with regards to Berg Propulsion? Contact us by sending an email to or call +31 (0)78 616 41 1